Helicopter x Radio Tonka II

Helicopter Studios
Beatrijsstraat 10 Den Haag (enter through the blue gate)
Doors 20:00, Start acts 20:30
Entrance 5EUR

Line up:
♦︎ Goldblum (live act)

♦︎ The Undergroundlings (live act)
Dwelling in parallel worlds
of earth and magnetic spheres
we welcome you

♦︎ Frank Vis (live act)
Frank Vis (Fish) is an Amsterdam based, active noise artist, label owner and performer, known for unpredictable set ups, uncountable numbers of collaborations and a high vary of sound shapes, ranging for quiet and subtle soundscapes to harshest noise walls. Vis performs with a modular system and a specially developed trumpet like instrument called the Flying Fish that creates analog cv and gate signals. He combines chaotic analog modulation with granular synthesis for spatial use in a free improvised way.

♦︎ Black Helikopters ft. Dagg3r (live act)
They are watching..

♦︎ Loek Vellekoop (sculpture)

♦︎ Zoe Reddy (dj set)
Artiest en producer Zoe Reddy presenteert een kakofonie van vreemd en dansbaargeluiden van hedendaagse artiesten, pioniers en underground acts. Vermengd met de geluiden van anderen, zal Zoe haar eigen samples en loops weven om een unieke DJ-set te creëren met elementen van live improvisatie.

♦︎ Krank Pappa & Kenny Harder (dj set)

Live broadcasted from Helicopter on Radio Tonka from 23:00 – 03:00 at 92.0FM (Den Haag FM) or http://www.radiotonka.org/