Fried! At The Church & The Undergroundlings Present ’23

We welcome you to the very last edition of Fried! & The Undergroundlings Present on this beautiful location: the Onze-Lieve-Vrouw ten Hemelopnemingkerk in Voorburg, Den Haag. Let’s make this one a blast!

Join our festival with underground art and music, food and drinks. Expect a helix of cheeky guerrilla theatre, absurd noises and obscure voices, a twilight zone in which unexpected collisions are welcomed.

There will be delicious food prepared by our lovely Ridha, more info on the menu TBA!

Join us! Join us! Join us! Join us! Join us! Join us! Join us! Join us!

Date: May 20 2023
Time: 15:00 – 23:00 hrs
Adress: Laan van Nieuw Oosteinde 1, Voorburg
Cost: 7,50EUR



Happy to have UDID on board 🤗. Her work can be experienced on multiple locations in the church. “keep on dancing is what the sheepman says”

“I am a multidisciplinary artist and movement researcher. i am an observer and an analyzer, leaning towards the absurd on the verge of unreal but not unreal… that is the area where most of my work takes place….in the twilight zone….. i perceive everything as movement, me and everything around me is in constant motion, capturing the dynamics and essence of this movement….. Can you reset as an entity? or can you just add new neurological patterns to create more options and choices?”

AFGRoND (ABYSS). This work tries to shed some… into the social human arena where we all pretend and keep up appearances … I question and am intrigued in the ‘WHY?’

Re-Boot. Join UDID’s Re-Boot a daily practise sessions: “I warmly invite you to take some time with yourself and me to Reset ! 7 short, fun and fairly easy movement based guided lessons to tune in and explore your own body and mind.”( 1 session every 45 minutes )

Jingle : FormerlyKnownAs…



🖤🤍 Supernatural creatures dwelling in the urban sewers of ordinary existence. This ever changing kaleidoscopic constellation will this time arrive from higher frequency realms. Join Us Join Us Join Us Join Us Join Us Join Us Join Us Join Us Join Us Join Us

❆ TSELEM ENOSH (Liza Kuzyakova & Amos Peled)

🖤🖤 Tselem Enosh is a project of Liza Kuzyakova (Sáof) and Amos Peled (Thomim, Karkait, WEC). Their music exists in the intersection of power electronics, industrial rhythms, and occasional bursts of noise, building another confusing reality – ambient in the terror of the sound. Their live shows drag a listener into an experience of hypnotic and repetitive sound, almost to become a lullaby of unspoken tales. Screams screeching from within the throat, strings opening gates to other ears, noise unravelling for the chambers of the soul.




Come and find this beauty in the church. By Samantha Rees & Manuel Padding “The pyramids were built on the busted backs of the proles, but this construct is 90% smoke so there’s little heavy lifting required.

Manuel Padding will eschew his talent for psychedelic sound exploration and dulcet bedside chat to concentrate on forging connections across mediums & borders, much as he does in his day job as a bridge operator for the municipality of The Hague. Samantha Rees will perform a tightrope act for image, sculpture and audio that traverses the fringe elements that Padding seeks to unite. Her ropes will act like guidelines for these would be revolutionaries in their quest to overthrow your false deities and your common sense. This isnae an upside down pyramid mirage, this is the real deal so sign up now.” – Ali Robertson (Giant Tank, Usurper, Sonic Bothy.)


We welcome Gábor Kovács, a Budapest/Brussels-based musician and visual artist, also an alumni artist of the Shape platform. Active in a number of projects, he works with a wide range of genres and sounds, although his main output is Új Bála. Új Bála merges noise, psychedelia and fringes of techno and summons the rhythmic skeletons of dance music to bring order to his backdrop of mangled synth noises. In the past couple of years Új Bála released on labels such as Plaque, Baba Vanga, Altered States Tapes, Czaszka Rec.,Lost Dogs Entertainment or Dalmata Daniel, performed at festivals like Schiev(Bruxelles), Les Siestes Électroniques(Toulouse), Novas Frequencias(Rio de Janeiro), Rokolectiv(Bucharest), Tauron Nowa Muzyka(Katowice), Next Festival(Bratislava), UH Fest(Budapest) and played in clubs and DIY spaces all across Europe with his live act.




❆ BMB con.

⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ Don’t miss this ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ BMB con. For the last 30-odd years, BMB con. have been performing a balancing act between music and noise, sound and vision, indoors and out, digital and analogue, performer and audience.

Founded by Roelf Toxopeus, Justin Bennett and Wikke ‘t Hooft in 1989. Since 2006 BMB con. consists of a core duo working together with a changing group of invited artists / performers. They incorporate electronic and acoustic music, film, video and physical theatre in their performances and installations. As well as these fleeting, often unique actions, BMB con. make and publish audio CD’s, cassettes, videos and photography.

For more information, see: http://www.bmbcon.orghttps://www.vimeo.com/bmbconhttps://bmbcon.bandcamp.com/

From 2019-2023 BMB con. enjoyed support from the Mondriaan Fund.


Excited and curious to JNNK’s work for the church 🥰 Janneke van der Putten (Amsterdam, 1985) is a vocalist and visual artist based in Rotterdam. Her voice is her main tool, guiding her through physical and sonic explorations in different landscapes. In her site-specific performances she uses extreme vocal techniques and architectural features to relate with the here and now.



Let yourself be carried away a massive electric drone that will fill the church, by local heroes Black Helikopters.



Proud to have Richard Crow over from London. 🖤 Richard Crow aka Crow (born 1961) works as an inter-disciplinary artist transverses multi-media platforms including sound, experimental film and video, installation, and live performance. Crow has an MA in Sonic Arts from Middlesex University (2006). Crow manifests sound and noise for its disruptive, visceral and affective qualities and its psycho-physical implications for the listener. His solo and collaborative performances have consisted of highly conceptualized interventions into base materiality, investigations of alternative systems of organisation and research into a certain material decadence, most notably with the cult project The Institution of Rot.



We are super happy that SLOW SLOW LORIS will join this year’s event. Slow Slow Loris is an avant-garde, melodic-industrial noise duo based in Berlin and in the US. They use voice and electronics to become the intersections where melody meets noise, emotional meets avant-garde, feminine meets industrial, non-rhythm meets accuracy, and raw meets craft. They have released albums on Staaltape, Cloister Recordings & Zaetraom and have toured both Europe and the USA.


///// This event is a collaboration between The Undergroundlings, Fried! At The Church, Helicopter and is supported by the Gemeente Voorburg / Leidschendam and Gemeente Den Haag